Wednesday, December 26, 2018

We need or not to translate neologisms?

Neologisms have their detractors, those who think that pollute the authenticity of the language or that it is simply ridiculous to take a Word from another language can use the already existing on their own. On the other side of the coin are its supporters, who believe that neologisms are part of the richness of a language and are something natural, or that ignore their translation is a good marketing strategy. And it is that, often, the translation of neologisms or the lack of it is something that a translation company should be considered.Translation and marketing are needed. The services sector provides busy professionals of the translation and the translation is, at the same time, a good marketing strategy, as is the case with the translation of blogs or newsletters of any company.

One of the reasons why is opts not to translate neologisms is the pressure of fashion and latest trends. Most different draws us, sounds like us very well and forcefully call attention to us. We like to go to places that arepet-friendly, speak with the Maitreya of the restaurant and enjoy some gift voucher in a shopping mall. This evidence may be a compelling reason to avoid the translation of neologisms and designated services or products that are trend or existing ones.
But far from this reason, that we could consider more frivolous, there are other more practical. In the tourism sector, foreigners can feel more comfortable before any text if found in the words of their language, because this facilitates understanding, even in some of their content. Not translate neologisms can help simplify things, because multiple languages can use a single term to the same product or service. Something that detestation those who look askance everything related to globalization.
The discussion on the translation of neologisms in service companies is always open, by the nature of the collateral - arise for fashion reasons and by the need to name new realities - and because in each particular case translation and marketing are analyzed from a different point of view. It is not without controversy, but in a translation company we can advise you and help you decide which is the best option for you and your business. If your company is in the services sector and are thinking about the best marketing strategy through translation,  we are happy to help you.